Essential Oil Accessories and Supplies:

Essential oil accessories and supplies are items that can be used to consume and store essential oils. There are many types of accessories on the market, and more are appearing as they gain in popularity. Some accessories offer great value and are accessible to all essential oils regardless of budget, and some ultimate essential oil accessories have higher price tags and please the essential oil connoisseur. Popular accessories include:

Best Value Essential Oil Accessories

Home diffuser: An essential oil diffuser  is a must-have for the essential oil enthusiast. Not only do they fill your home with glorious aromas, but they are quite useful in times of illness, and during cold and flu season for a little extra prevention. Essential oil advocates rave about their home diffusers, and they often have several in their homes. A vaporizer in the living room promotes the ability to set the mood for the household. In the bathroom, it helps eliminate unwanted odors. A diffuser in each bedroom allows all members of the household to have access to the essential oil they could benefit from for increased relaxation to promote good sleep, for respiratory support during illness, and for prevention and an immune boost during cold and flu season.

Car vaporizer: Car vaporizers are increasing in popularity as drivers are loading up their favorite essential oils to use for their commutes. Essential oils such as lavender and geranium are great for toning down a stressful drive, and oils such as rosemary and peppermint can help prepare the mind to focus for a busy day ahead.

Packaging and dispensers for DIY products: There are numerous products available for the DIY essential oil lover. Glass roller balls allow a user to dilute their favorite oil for easy application, and allow them to create custom blends of their own desires. Glass spray bottles are available to blend custom aromatherapy sprays to use as room and fabric deodorizers and to hold all natural cleaning products for quick and easy use. Another up and coming favorite is the personal oil inhaler that is easily portable in pockets and purses to allow for quick use on the go.

The Ultimate Essential Oil Accessories

Jewelry: An entire line of essential oil jewelry  has hit the market during the last several years, delighting oil enthusiasts across the globe. Options include necklaces, earrings and bracelets for men, women and children. These jewelry pieces often are embellished with lava rock that is porous and allows the applied precious oils to absorb and radiate their aroma to the user throughout the day. Other pieces are adorned with crystals and manufactured with compartments that hold a disposable absorbent pad in which the user applies their favorite essential oils.

Storage cases: Gone are the days where you have to store essential oils wherever they can fit on a shelf or in a drawer. High end, glamorous storage cases and custom shelving units are available to the discerning essential oil user. Beautiful wood, leather and other fabrics are being used to create storage cases that compliment any home and room decor.

Travel cases: Traveling with essential oils in the past has often been an expensive and messy ordeal. They have been packed in everything from zip locking bags with oils wrapped in towels, to cosmetic travel cases tucked in between makeup brushes and toothpaste. These travel packing methods put these high value oils at risk of breakage and when they do break, the associated result can stain, cause overpowering odors, and can inflict damage to the adjacent items. To combat this, a wide variety of travel cases have hit the market and range in size of carrying capacity of one or two oils, to over fifty oils and above for the professional user.

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