Zenvea was created by a group of health and wellness enthusiasts who love and benefit from the use of essential oils.

Pure oils, free of chemicals and other additives was a big issue for us. While there are high-quality oils available, we found the costs associated with them to be quite prohibitive.

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of essential oils, so we began searching out high quality ingredients and manufacturers that could help us achieve or goal of providing high quality oils at an affordable price.

All of our oils are are pure, undiluted, therapeutic grade sourced from extremely high quality ingredients.

Please join us as we introduce you into the wonderful world of aromatherapy.


If you need to contact us, the best way is to contact us at our help desk by email us at support@zenvea.com

Our physical address is:

17000 Preston Rd. STE 320,
Dallas, TX 75248 USA

Our email address is: support@zenvea.com

Thank you for visiting our store and enjoy!

The team at Zenvea