Zenvea Geranium Essential Oil


It’s likely you know of Geranium from smelling it in many perfumes. Its rosy, floral scent is found by many to bring a sense of serenity, which is one of the reasons it’s so popular in aromatherapy, along with being widely used in candles, soaps, and lotions.

Steam-distilled from the leaves of the pelargonium plant, Geranium Essential Oil offers a variety of benefits similar to Lavender, such as being particularly helpful with skin problems such as blemishes, acne, scarring and wrinkles.

Extremely versatile, Geranium Essential Oil also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it helpful for cuts, burns, bruises, itches, and sore spots. It also makes an effective insect repellent. Geranium Essential Oil is definitely a must-have for anyone looking for an all-around exceptional oil.

Our Geranium Essential Oil is Undiluted and 100% Therapeutic Grade.


Pelargonium graveolens

Topical Directions:

Dilute before applying to sensitive skin

Diffuse Directions:

Add drops to water inside diffuser.

Suggested 1-2 drops per 100ml of water

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